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Sideshow Americans

Sideshow Americans is a four-piece Americana and Rock band from James Island, SC.

Years ago, Sideshow was four musicians trying to make a living playing music in Charleston, SC running into each other at late night parties and playing music together until morning. The sound and spirit of of the group remains squarely where it began – in the raucous, late-night joy of picking up the closest instrument to you and singing songs with your friends.

Eventually a band was formed.  After performing together live throughout 2015, Sideshow Americans recorded and released a house-show video for the song “Brokenhearted” Later that year, the band released their debut EP Streetlights.  With the title track composed by bassist Whitt Algar, the album was the band’s brief but honest five-song introduction.  Additionally comprised of songs written by guitarist Ryan Bonner, Streetlights is steeped in Southeastern string band tradition, delivered in four-part harmony with guitarist Dan Wright and multi-instrumentalist Cory Jarrett.

Sideshow Americans are currently at work in the studio preparing a double EP, the first of which is planned for release in summer 2018.

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